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Here’s another game for you to enjoy with your child(ren)… Make sure you screenshot this before clicking off the page x

Memory Lane Charades: Time Travel Edition

Objective: Have a blast while learning about each other’s past and creating cherished memories.


Preparation: Prepare a collection of items, photos, or symbols that represent different stages of your life and your child’s life. These could include baby pictures, favourite toys, school mementos, family vacation souvenirs, and more.

Set the Stage: Find a cozy spot to sit together with the collection of items nearby.

The Memory Jar: Take turns drawing an item from the collection without showing it to the other person. Each of you should choose something that holds a special memory or story.

Charades Time: The person who drew an item becomes the “charades performer.” Without speaking, they must act out the memory or story associated with the item they drew. The other person tries to guess what memory is being portrayed.

Share and Reflect: Once the memory is guessed or revealed, take turns sharing more details about that memory. What made it special? How did it feel at the time? Why does it stand out in your mind?

Switch Roles: After each round, switch roles. The other person draws an item and performs a memory-related charade.

Recording Memories: As you play, consider jotting down brief notes about the memories you’re sharing. These notes can later be compiled into a scrapbook or journal that captures these cherished moments.

Conversation and Laughter: Use the game as an opportunity to ask each other questions about your past. Share funny anecdotes, heartwarming stories, and even lessons learned.