When I Am Silent

Mum’s Poem

In the chaos of the day, when I am silent, with echoes of screams that won’t relent. Kids’ voices rising, not heeding my call, and I’m left feeling small, but I stand tall.

Their little hearts so full of zeal, but in this noise, my patience, I must seal. Trying to guide, to teach, to lead, yet my words seem lost in the whirlwind’s speed.

My husband, too, behaves as though all is tough, the weight of the world seems just too much. But in my heart, I hold on to hope, knowing that together, we’ll find ways to cope.

When I am spent, exhausted and drained, I step back, seeking solace, where strength is regained. Processing the moments, the challenges faced, collecting my thoughts, so I won’t feel displaced.

For in this struggle, a resilient flame burns, a mother’s love, fierce, unwavering, returns. I gather my composure, so I won’t lose my way, facing the hardships of this long, hard day.

In the depths of my heart, I find the grace, to navigate these trials, to find my place. I rise again, with newfound might, a beacon of love in the darkest night.

When I am silent, it’s not in defeat, but in the courage to rise and meet. Every challenge that comes my way, embracing the hurdles, come what may.

For a mother’s journey is not always serene, yet the love for her kids, a force unforeseen. So, in those moments, when silence is near, I find strength within to persevere.

This beautifully crafted poem captures the essence of a mother’s journey – from dealing with the cacophony of kids’ laughter and screams to facing the challenges of a long, trying day.

Let the poem’s verses empower you to embrace each day’s hurdles with grace and love.

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