Emotional Regulation – A Fun Personalised Audio Story About Anger (For Kids)


When Anger, a fiery friend comes to visit, it can leave our little ones feeling overwhelmed with emotion and often times they don’t know how to handle it. This story can be personalised and it has been created in such a way that helps children channel that energy in a more positive way.



When kids feel anger, it’s like a little fire inside them, making them want to shout, hit, bite or stomp their feet. But guess what? Our personalised story is the perfect mantra to help channel their energy, incorporate positive affirmations into their day and makes for a perfect bedtime story for them to listen to! In their magical adventure, your child will meet his friend Anger, who’s like a speedy comet. Instead of pushing Anger away, they will learn how to embrace it, feel the energy but stay in control. This way, they turn their anger into a superpower!

But here’s the secret: all emotions, like Anger, are important messengers. They’re like colourful puzzle pieces that help us understand ourselves better. This story shows us that when we embrace our feelings and learn from them, we become even stronger and wiser. So, when any feeling knocks on our heart’s door, we can listen, learn, and turn them into amazing adventures of our own!

How does it work?

Once you have input your information and selected your options, place your order and we will get to work on your incredible story.
As soon as it is ready it will be emailed to you, usually the same day but please allow a few days depending on backlog.