Personalised & Custom-Design Posters w/ Affirmations & Fun Facts (0-6 years old)


A personalised and fully customisable masterpiece that combines meaningful affirmations with intriguing fun facts! Each design is tailor-made to suit your child’s interests, making their space truly one-of-a-kind. Base price shown is for a digital design, with further print options below.


We cannot stress enough the importance of affirmations. There is a semi-awake phase as soon as a child wakes up and just before they go to bed – these times are GOLDEN! Utilizing affirmations during these moments can capitalise on their heightened receptivity, allowing affirmations to sink deeply into their subconscious minds. By regularly exposing children to positive statements during these semi-awake periods, we can help shape their beliefs and attitudes in a constructive and lasting way, fostering a strong foundation for their emotional and cognitive development.

Our products, feature uplifting affirmations that inspire positivity and confidence in your little one.

Within every design is a fun and fascinating fact that will ignite their curiosity and imagination! Our Kids’ Personalised Wall Art brings together the perfect blend of customisation, personalisation, affirmation, and playful learning to create a space that your child will adore. Let their imagination soar with this extraordinary addition to their room!

How does it work?

Once you have input your details and confirmed your design and print selections by placing your order, we will start creating your unique masterpiece. If we need further clarification on your design, we will contact you via email.
A proof copy will be sent to you for approval via email. Once you approve the design, if you ordered a digital print then it will be emailed to you or if you ordered a physical print, we will print and post it out to you using ‘Next Day Delivery + Signed For’