Personalised Morning Affirmations Mantra Audio for Children (4-6 years old)


Give your child a positive start to their day by fuelling their imagination, unlock their boundless potential and sparking their curiosity with our engaging story and affirmations, all for a small investment. Experience noticeable transformations in just three weeks through a simple morning routine that nurtures their confidence and self belief.



Harnessing the semi-awake state, a remarkable phase where your child’s mind is most receptive to absorbing information, dovetails perfectly with the significance of affirmations. During this phase, their brains are like sponges, soaking up knowledge effortlessly.

By introducing positive affirmations during this receptive time, you can imprint valuable beliefs deep within their subconscious. These affirmations serve as the foundation for confidence, resilience, and self-esteem, shaping their future success.

As parents, it’s crucial to seize this window of opportunity. The semi-awake state not only enhances learning but also fosters emotional growth. Empower your child by weaving affirmations into their routine, nurturing their potential.

With our product, step into a world of enchantment with our captivating Personalised Morning Affirmations Mantra Audio designed to inspire and empower young minds aged 4-6, nurturing their confidence and imagination.

With a friendly squirrel, sparkling trees, and a magical mirror, This adventure is sure to captivate your child’s attention and spark their creativity. As they listen, they’ll discover that believing in themselves can unlock marvelous adventures and turn challenges into opportunities to shine.

This audio file is a treasure trove of positivity that your child can listen to again and again, setting a joyful tone for their day and empowering them with a newfound belief in themselves – inspiring them to embrace their unique qualities and venture into each day with confidence and excitement.

How does it work?

Once you fill in the details above and place your order, your audio will be created specially for you. It will include the child’s name and also any special affirmations you’d like to focus on/already use.
If you don’t have any in mind, no worries, leave it with me!
Your complete audio will then be sent to you via email for your to download, and voila! Play it for your child and watch the magic happen!

Delivery time can be as soon as the same day, depending on number of orders placed. We’ll aim to deliver products within 3 days – if you need it urgently, contact us and we will always try to accommodate!

While you await your masterpiece, why not download our exclusive freebie “10 Reasons Why You Should Do Affirmations With Your Child”