Sleep is a luxury!

Our blissful summer story continues…
Sleep was a luxury we couldn’t quite grasp. Zara’s erratic sleep pattern saw her waking up at the crack of dawn, then staying up past 8 in the evening. Even after tucking her in, she’d pop back up, claiming hunger or a need to use the bathroom. By the time it was 9 pm, she’d still be awake, and her nighttime awakenings were a constant. In that single week, she wet the bed four times and managed to urinate in her car seat.

Meals became a battleground. My attempts to cater to her preferences were met with a resounding ‘I don’t like that, I don’t want that.’ Her screams were deafening. Disciplining her triggered a barrage of epic meltdowns. She seemed determined to show Zac the ropes of nonsense, and he, being an eager learner, followed her lead. Our days stretched into nights, with intermittent trips to the bathroom or emergency showers due to her bedwetting episodes. It was an arduous week—a journey marked by exhaustion, frustration, and sleepless nights. Yet, amidst the chaos, glimmers of understanding emerged, leaving me with a renewed perspective on parenting, patience, and the power of communication.

Through moments of struggle, frustration, and ultimately, triumph, I learned invaluable lessons that reshaped the way I connect with my children. Being present, engaging in uninterrupted play, showing them I knew what it was like to be a kid, cheering them on, encouraging them in moments of self doubt. I had to turn the tide and speak a language they understood. Finding a balance of authority and playfulness.

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